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Institute for Truth in Accounting, CEO & Founder


Sheila A. Weinberg

Sheila A. Weinberg founded the Institute for Truth in Accounting in 2002. With the Board of Directors, she is responsible for setting the strategic direction for the organization. For the past ten years, Weinberg has been active with the Concord Coalition, a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to maintaining fiscal responsibility within the Federal government, including the financial security of Social Security and Medicare funding. It was her involvement with the Concord Coalition and her accounting background that led to the founding of the Institute for Truth in Accounting. In 1998 Weinberg was honored with the Concord Coalition Outstanding Volunteer Award. She coordinated numerous Concord Coalition educational events, some of which were co-sponsored by members of Congress. She also developed Concord's Midwest college outreach program which brought a program of interactive budget exercises called Principles and Priorities into college classrooms across America.

Prior to her involvement with the Institute for Truth in Accounting, Weinberg worked as a certified public accountant for accounting firms and computer consulting companies. Most recently, she was vice president of Pro Consulting, a computer, accounting and television production consulting company.

Currently, Weinberg serves as an independent legislative advisor to members of Congressman for Federal budgeting and accounting issues. Her editorials about the Federal budget, Social Security, Medicare and other national issues have appeared in USA Today, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times and Pioneer Press. She has been a guest on national and local television and radio shows and is often engaged to speak on Federal budget issues. Weinberg earned her Bachelor of Accounting degree from the University of Denver, which she attended on an academic scholarship. She received her certified public accountant credential in 1981. (back)